Enliven_InstagramAs owners of Cooee CrossFit, we understand how time consuming and difficult it is to run a succinct (and money-making) nutrition education program for your members. And believe us, we have tried just about every version of program out there – from 12-week long challenges, info sessions, cooking demonstrations and points-based competitions! What we’ve found over the years is that everyone understands the benefit of cleaning up their nutrition habits, but they don’t know where to start. And much like their training, they just want you to make it simple for them.

That’s why we created the Highway to Health – to provide a simple way to help others transform their nutrition habits for life.

In 2015 a couple of CrossFit gyms starting noticing what was going on with our members and approached us to see if we could run the program for them. So that’s when we developed the Highway to Health White Label Program. We’ve now worked with CrossFit gyms, Personal Trainers and Pilates Studios to help them deliver the Highway to Health for their members. Just like you, this frees up their time to focus on the stuff they’re really good at: training their members. AND you earn commission for every one of your members who participate in the program. How easy is that? All you have to do is promote the program to your members and we’ll take care of the rest.

The cost is $79 per person and you receive $25 commission (inc GST) per participant.

Here’s how it works

  1. We create a co-branded registration & payment page for your members, eg:


2. Your members download their Highway to Health resources from a password protected co-branded page on the Highway to Health website, eg:


3.  We can also create a private group on Facebook for your members to interact and ask questions, eg:


4.  Your members receive daily motivational emails for the duration of the program, eg:


5.  We provide you with a full list of registered participants and a summary of their start and finish measurements.

6.  We can also do a presentation and Q&A session with your members to help you promote the program. We love to do a workout with them beforehand too! (If outside the Perth metro area, we may ask that you help out with our travel costs.)

7.  We also find that gyms sell a lot more protein powder and supplements as a result of the Highway to Health, so we suggest stocking up!

We’re proud to have created White Label Programs for the following:

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to set up a white label program for your members, please contact Kirsten Murphy at hello@highwaytohealth.com.au or 0425 547 005.