Kellie completed the Highway to Health in August 2015 and lost 4.4kg and 5.5cm from her waist during the 21 day program.

There’s no denying it, if you commit to the 21 Days of the Highway to Health as prescribed, you will lose weight and change your body composition. Participants have lost anywhere from 2-8kg of body fat and 5-10 cm off their waist in the 21 Days. Plus there’s all the other benefits, like better sleep, clearer skin, more energy and endless compliments! Check out the BLOG for detailed and inspiring stories from those who have been on the Highway to Health journey.

Hi guys,
I wanted to say thank you for the H2H program. I have, after a really long time, finally managed to kick my body into shape again. It was about 5 back to back H2H programs that got me to where I am now, and I am sticking to the principles – I shed close to 20kg. I’ve maintained it consistently and am still losing a bit each few weeks, for about 2 months.
My inner health & physical appearance has improved beyond anything I remember it ever being.
The comments on my weight are nice but the comments on how ‘I’m glowing’ & ‘look so healthy’ etc, are the real winners.
I can’t thank you enough. I’ve encouraged anyone who is interested to jump on board – some have and are having big successes too. The key and the hardest part, is sticking to it. But I am. And it’s worth it!!
Thanks again guys,

H2H complete!!!
Wow…. I was a non believer beforehand about all this stuff but wow the difference in my energy levels and mood is incredible.
Much more stable mood. And bouncing out of bed in the morning ready to attack the day and conquer the world!
I must say that the exercise part was really hard to fit into my schedule and I could have done that part better but I will work on that.
I lost about 3kg in the 21 days! Wowsers.
The main thing I have got out of this, is I feel like I have “recalibrated” and my attitude toward food has changed dramatically. Now I know that it’s easy to eat healthy and tasty, I have more confidence to do it and try new things. I even baked some vegan brownies the other day! And “coconut rough” – that I named “coconut Gruff” cause it came out lookinga bit funny, but tasted amazing!
I’ve been busy shopping at the naked health food shop and I’m addicted to it all now!
Thanks Kirst, it has totally changed my life. Honestly. That is no understatement.
– Emily

My results exceeded my expectations.  I can’t believe that I ended the 21 days down 4.4kgs and around 70kgs.  I also lost 5.5cm from my waist.  I feel fit, energised and fantastic. I never want to go back to how I was eating and feeling.  I really understand now that good health and wellbeing is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, and this is something that will stick with me for life.
– Kellie (read Kellie’s Story here)

Thanks Highway to Health team! I’ve had a lot of fun with the recipes on this one, definitely tried some new stuff (I’m looking at you nutritional yeast). Despite not being able to exercise properly I’ve got some solid results here, down 5kg which is pretty much the weight I put on since injuring my knee. My two biggest changes/improvements would be controlling the intermittent snacking and becoming even more comfortable with liquid meals.
– Kris

I did the Highway to Health a few months ago after a friend recommended it to me (which I loved), and I suggested to my mum that it would be perfect for her. She is 74yrs old, quite fit and active but has a “tyre” around her waist and early stages of diabetes. Anyway she has been on the programme now for 2 months has lost 4kgs and more importantly, lost her “tyre”!  She has been to the doctors for a check up recently and he said “what diabetes?”. Mum has been unable to shift this weight for 20yrs! She is looking fabulous and more importantly feeling great within herself. Thanks so much for this wonderful programme.
– Katrina

Serious complaint about Highway to Health, in fact several:
1. I no longer need to escape the office to seek out an afternoon shot of caffeine to keep me going;
2. I no longer need my once craved glass of red or G&T to relax away the working week;
3. I no longer have PMS to blame for random outbreaks of unreasonable behaviour towards my long suffering partner;
4. The dogs are exhausted from all the extra exercise;
5. I have lost 5kgs and will need to buy a whole new wardrobe – even my undies are loose!
Many thanks!
– Fiona

I am saving $50 a week on take away cappuccinos, about an hour a day on food prep (as yours is soooo damn easy!) and have lost 3kgs and 4cms from my waist. Something that has not happened for the past 2 years even though I train every single day and eat paleo and clean! I have tried EVERYTHING but what you did is you removed the emotions from the food. Oh and the biggest thing….”pickers wear big knickers” I can’t tell you how much food I was eating while preparing food, but I say this over and over and over again! I could almost feed a starving country on what I am now not eating! Not only am I training better, but I’m hitting PBs with my lifts, and my running has improved beyond recognition, in workouts I’m coming in just behind the big dogs and in front of other people!
– Narelle

Thank you so much for your support throughout the H2H programme. I loved every minute of it and got some great results. 3.7kg down and 8cms off waist and hips. I’m stoked!! I’ve struggled with sugar and carb addiction since having my 2 kids recently but no cravings whatsoever on this programme. I think this is something I can easily do 80% of the time and feel so much better for it so I can’t thank you enough!!
– Liz

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support from you guys and the Cooee crew. Helen lost 5.4kg and I lost 7.1 kg so we are both pretty stoked at the results!
– Jamie

I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you’ve put into the Highway to Health. I was hoping to lose around 1-2kg and I’m down 3.2kg. I can’t actually remember the cm I put down at the start of the challenge but I’m confident that’s down also… The first ‘diet’ or should I say program that I’ve followed was when I started Zoning in June last year. My body responded very well to Zoning, but unfortunately it ended up turning out like a game of Chinese whispers… what was ending up on my plate was far from what was prescribed to begin with. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to follow the Highway to Health to the tee. I didn’t think it would AT ALL be enough food for me to get by! I’ve learnt that hunger passes and food doesn’t need to control my day. I’m happy that I was able to stick to the exact program – all but that one black coffee each day (this will be my next challenge).
– Shaya

My first 4.6km run around my block on the Highway to Health took 29.3 mins, the second week it was 28 mins and today it was 23.15 mins. I felt strong running for the first time in a long time. And lighter!
– Simon

I’ve lost about 2.5kg and about 8cm from waist. Thanks for an awesome program! I’ll be doing February round and try to keep up the extra exercise on top of my normal CrossFit sessions. Dream body in progress!
– Natalie

Just wanted to say thanks for the support over the last few weeks. Didn’t really know what to expect when I started on this journey – I feel like this Highway to Health was the trial to get me familiar with everything. Wasn’t expecting the results I got. Going to give myself a weeks break and start all over again making sure I do all the workouts each day on top of my normal exercise (not substituting like I did this time – very naughty of me). Thanks to Kirsten and the team – even though I don’t know you, you have helped me lots!
– Jessica

Holy Cow!!!! Another 20 seconds off my 2k time this morning. I also weighed in this morning… 5kg lighter!!!! Holy freaking cow! All the hard work really does pay off.
– Annette

21 days. 5kg down. 8cm off the waist. Best lifestyle change ever.
– Emma

6.5cms from the waist and 3.4kgs down. Pow pow! All the pull ups this week were definitely a lot easier being a bit leaner, that’s for sure! But the best thing for me is, I’m finally getting a proper full night’s sleep, every night of the week, which has evaded me for so long (my mum is the same so I always thought it was some weird family thing). Better sleep translates to so many amazing things – making better decisions, calmer, less foggy, less cranky (unless you try to steal my food), and I actually know what “feeling fresh” is again! thanks so much Kirsten, Match and crew! xx
– Kelly

Well, I must say I haven’t adhered to the exercise routine over the last 2 weeks – as I’ve been doing chaotic 16hr days… But I’ve followed the rest of the program and preparing meals in the little time at home has helpedWeighing in 8kg lighter and 9cm smaller round the waist I’m really surprised how much effect the diet has had considering the lack of workouts in my routine. Will most definitely be adopting the meal plans into everyday life, and starting next week cycling to work again and regular gym sessions. Here’s to better health! Thanks Kirsten, Match and crew – definitely opened windows and doors to easy healthier diets for the busy lifestyles of today.
– Matthew

Feeling awesome!!! My run times have dropped significantly in three weeks and feel so much stronger! Only 1.9kg down but 9cm off my belly, feel much leaner despite not losing a huge amount of weight. Thanks Kirsten xx
– Cara


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