Karen’s Story

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Karen looking fit & strong at the Masters League CrossFit competition, 31 Jan 2015 (photo credit: DB Photography)

Whilst having always being trim and active, Karen’s story may resonate with you… She’s a busy single mum of two teenagers, works full-time and squeezes in running and CrossFit while most people are still tucked up in bed. However, she’s found it harder to keep those sneaky couple of extra kilograms at bay in recent years and realised that stress was a trigger for her to all too easily reach for a glass of wine. Until she completed the Fastrack that is! Here’s the story of Karen’s Highway to Health journey…

The truth was that I wasn’t loving my life and how I was feeling a lot of the time. Towards the end of last year (thanks to the recommendation of another awesome CrossFitter) I embarked on a personal development course that had me identify what my five core values were – what was really important to me – and whether I was living my life in accordance with these values or against them. One of the values that came up was Health – and drinking a bottle of wine most nights was not aligning myself with that value.

I knew the Fastrack was eminent and decided this time to really stick to it. 21 days. That’s three sets of seven days. Three weekends. At the end of November I wrote a note to myself when I got home from drinks with my running crew that said:

“So here’s the thing. Do you love being fit and strong enough to give up drinking?”

And in very small letters I had written next to that:  “I kind of want to.”

So this time round, I did. And just like other people learned that they have boredom or lonely triggers that send them to the ice cream or pizza, I started to recognise my triggers for reaching for the wine. Once I had decided that for 21 days I wouldn’t have a drink I noticed so much – I was sleeping better, I was waking up at 5am feeling rested and in such a great mood for the 5.45am class, I wasn’t as hungry during the day, I wasn’t putting together snack plates of cheese and crackers at 11pm and then hating myself for that the next day. I also wasn’t doing crazy late night internet shopping or sending inappropriate text messages, friends were commenting on my skin and the weight was shifting.

So I got through to the other side of those 21 days. I have drunk litres and litres of sparkling water, from a wine glass. I have been to work events, out for drinks with the girls on a Friday night and had plenty of nights at home on my own – but I stuck to it and this time I have seen results. I’m not saying that I am giving it up forever – I totally don’t want to do that – but I have broken the habit now and have new rules in place that I plan to stick to.

The main thing I have learned since embarking on the first Highway to Health program last July is that change is gradual and you need to stick to a new regime for a few months before it becomes second nature and the results are lasting. I doubt I will return to white coffee ever and I can’t remember the last time I wanted a sticky pastry or even a bowl of muesli. Pizza and cheese platters will always tempt me but if I can be good 80% of the time, I will be fine. I also learned that support from other people going through a similar challenge is invaluable. I love how I feel and look now and am looking forward to continued improvements.

– Karen Campbell, January 2015


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