Dom’s Story

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Dom Before and AfterWhen Dom started training with us at Cooee CrossFit back in 2010 he was just your regular sports-fanatic in his early 20s. Pretty fit and adept at any pursuit he put his hand to, if you saw him on the street you’d think to yourself he’s just your regular sports loving guy. However, when you meet him today, you’d think this guy is fitter than the average bear!  Here’s his story…

I’ve always been fit, healthy and exercised heaps, but because of this I never really had to focus too much on my nutrition. As I became more educated about how important a part nutrition plays in general health, I slowly started to experiment with my diet and what made me feel the best. Losing just over 10 kg has made a huge difference to my life. Now I’m not just fitter and leaner, but I’m more mentally active and stable. I now love cooking and know what and how I should be eating to feel great everyday, but it’s still not a journey that’s over for me.

It’s not a process you can just skip and have the end results, you need to spend the time learning about what best fuels the body. That’s where the Highway to Health is great because it gives you somewhere to start or continue on the journey. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today if I hadn’t used the practices and knowledge learned on the Highway to Health.

– Dom Lawson

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