Kellie’s Story

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Kelly_BeforeAfterKellie joined our August program and had great success in budging a few stubborn extra kilos that she just couldn’t seem to shake, even though she had been diligent about her exercise and had been training hard for a half marathon. She dropped 4.4kg and 5.5cm from her waist during the 21 days of the Highway to Health, and ran a new personal best time in the City to Surf Half Marathon! Here’s Kellie’s story…

I had seen Kirsten’s story some time ago about Highway to Health and how she changed her eating habits with fantastic results, and I thought to myself how inspiring she was.  But, I just was never in the right ‘frame of mind’ to make my resolve and take that first step to actually enroll in a round.

Before starting, I had worked hard on my fitness for well over a year, dropping from a heaviest of about 86kg to around 75-76kgs.  But I remember thinking how HARD it was to drop even a few kilos, especially when I achieved a mid-70’s kilo mark.  I was running regularly and going to the gym, and had run a couple of half marathons, but still felt ‘heavy’.  That being said, I was also regularly drinking alcohol and overindulging in food.  I would sometimes go to bed at night feeling very unwell and bloated, a feeling I hated, but just kept doing it to myself.

I was open-minded going in to the August 2015 round of Highway to Health.  My main goal was to stick to the program and challenge myself to keep to it for the full 21 days.  I wasn’t really focused on weight goals, but I was curious to see what could be achieved in 21 days.

I couldn’t believe it after the first week when the weight just seemed to drop off me!  I didn’t find it overly hard, and I was kind to myself – so for example on the smoothie only days, I would minimize activity and spend the day relaxing with my family, which in itself was a wonderful treat.  I learnt quickly how much of a habit the morning coffee was!!  And once I realised that it wasn’t the coffee itself I wanted, it was just the ‘habit’ of having one in the morning on rising, or as I walked past the coffee shop – I quickly became quite apathetic about wanting coffee and easily did without. 

The hardest part was being hungry.  Not all of the time, because I did feel quite satiated after eating meals – usually it was in the lead up to a meal.  The team had some great tips for dealing with this – and I found myself a lover of water and lemon; sparkling water; or just a teaspoon of coconut oil when desperate. Keeping distracted by doing household chores also helped.

The meals were so easy to prepare, and delicious!!  My husband also ate them, and loved the plan.  They were easy to prepare, and ingredients easily accessible.  The Kung Flu-Fighting soup was a winner, along with the Macadamia Encrusted Salmon – yum!!

My results exceeded my expectations.  I can’t believe that I ended the 21 days down 4.4kgs and around 70kgs.  I also lost 5.5cm from my waist.  I feel fit, energised and fantastic.

I never want to go back to how I was eating and feeling.  I really understand now that good health and wellbeing is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, and this is something that will stick with me for life.  I have re-enrolled in a further round of Highway to Health as I want to consolidate my new habits and am greatly looking forward to the next 21days.

– Kellie McCrum, August 2015

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