Guide to Staying Fit & Healthy in Bali – Part 2: Healthy Food

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So you’ve read Part 1 of our Guide to Staying Fit & Healthy in Bali, which is all about where to train. Now, the question is where are the best places to refuel after those sweaty training sessions? The good news is Canggu is THE hub for healthy eateries. We did the hard work by taste-testing our way through just about every warung, café and restaurant in the Canggu area. Here’s our top picks.



Betelnut’s oh so pretty Dragon Fruit Bowl

Bali Fit Café
Smoothie bowls are the rage everywhere in Bali at the moment, and the thing we love most about Bali Fit Café is that their smoothie bowls also include protein powder. Which makes it the perfect post-workout meal after you’ve done a training session at their open-air gym next door.


La Baracca
OK we know, pizzas aren’t exactly “clean eating”. But we do indulge occasionally. And when we do it’s got to be the best. We’re talking thin and crispy base, fresh tomato and mozzarella, fine prosciutto slices, handfuls of fresh rocket and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil. This is exactly what we found at La Baracca in Jalan Petitenget (on the Umulas/Seminyak border). Plus they have gluten free options for those that truly don’t bend the rules.


Betelnut Café
Before heading to Bali we had 3 separate friends tell us to check out Betelnut. And we can see why! We actually lounged in their upstairs restaurant for about five hours over the course of two breakfasts (yes, two!). Simple, clean food at a great price and a lovely open-air dining room on the second floor overlooks the hubbub of Canggu’s growing dining/retail strip. Their dragon fruit bowl is one of the prettiest meals we’ve ever eaten!


Surfers, Yogis, CrossFitters all love Crate

In the same strip as Betelnut, you’ll find Crate. This is the local’s hang. It’s the cheapest (but amongst the best) for breakfast/brunch and the vibe is laid-back surfer-boy meets yoga-chick. Smashed avocado on sourdough with crispy bacon and espresso over ice will refuel you between workouts.


We don’t often refer to review websites (preferring to form our own opinion or go on word of mouth recommendations), but in this case Trip Advisor’s #2 in Canggu rating was spot on! The traditional joglo building with candle-lit outdoor dining in their lush garden is a romantic date venue made in heaven. Not to mention the pet rabbits hopping between diners in the garden for cuddles and the odd scrap of lettuce. LOVE. The traditional Balinese food is spot on too, and the spring rolls so good that we ordered 3 servings!


El Passo
The baby sister to NOOK (see below) and Ingka Bali. Head further north to Pererenan and you’ll find the new white-washed warung El Passo. It has the same rice field setting as her big sisters but a slightly different menu with so many options that we stayed here for three hours so we that had time to sample just about everything.


Thirst quenching coconut, lychee & lime granita

Milk & Madu 
With breakfast menu options like Coconut, Lychee & Lime Granita, Superfood Breakfast Bowl and The Boss Omelette, the worst thing about eating at Milk & Madu is deciding what to order. And any place that serves their coconuts with a love-heart cut-out has us hooked.


Nestled in the rice fields between Umulas, Kerobokan and Seminyak. This laid back café was always full and we can see why. The surrounds are heavenly, as is their all-day menu with a great variety of smoothie bowls, vegetarian options, and traditional Balinese food.


We’re not sure if the name is a nod to the minimalist décor, the no-nasties-added approach to their cooking or their reduce-waste philosophy. But either way, we loved it all! We were so hungry after a big CrossFit Wanderlust workout that we shared three breakfasts AND had a smoothie each. Pure gluttony (minus the guilt).


Pelaton Supershop
Not just for cycling enthusiasts, Pelaton is a vegan café, artisan cycling store and open minded event space that encourages us all to tread lightly as we carry out our journeys on this planet. Everything on the menu is vegan, but it’s not of the mung bean variety. Even us die-hard meat-lovers were spoilt for choice and left more than satisfied with our breakfasts of the Hash Stack and Avo Good Day.


The new black of juices: Yellow Juice!

Savage Kitchen
You heard it here first… yellow juices are the new black of the juice world! The Savage Kitchen’s delicious and refreshing yellow juice includes pear, lemon, yellow watermelon, ginger and turmeric and is the perfect anti-inflammatory tonic after a tough training session. Equally as delicious were their chia pudding with tropic fruit and granola and breakfast wraps.


The Shady Shack
The Shady Shack is probably the most talked about café in Canggu. And we now know why! This vegetarian delight could turn even the most committed caveman with their fine-dining presentation and “I can’t believe it’s not meat” meals. Faves for us were the almond crusted mushrooms, pulled jackfruit stack (seriously, this tasted like barbequed pulled pork!), sweet potato gnocchi and raw “cheesecake” desserts.


Vegan gourmet delights at Shady Shack

Warung Dua
Close to where we were staying in Umulas, Warung Dua became a firm favourite of ours. All satays and fish are grilled in the traditional Balinese style on their street-front grill.  And at AU$4.50 for a giant plate of nasi goreng, it doesn’t get much better than this!


Warung Goûthé
(It’s French for taste, and that it does!) Unlike the rest of Canggu’s eateries where you are spoilt for choice, at Warung Goûthé you’ll find just one meal of the day. And it’s spectacular! When we dined, lunch was an exquisite chicken burger with brioche bun and twice cooked potato wedges. If you’ve still got room for something a little decadent afterwards, try one of their traditional French desserts or pastries. This is not exactly a “healthy” food option, but it’s an indulgence worth imbibing in every now and then!


, the Uber of the scooter world in Bali, also has a food delivery service. Can’t be bothered leaving the luxurious surrounds of your villa? Dine in and order from any of the wonderful cafés, restaurants and warungs nearby and have your meal delivered via the GO-FOOD mode of the app.


Sunset Cocktails
It’s easy to avoid cocktail hour temptation of the likes of Potato Head, Ku De Ta and Finns Beach Club by following the locals and expats to the pop-up beach bars at Batu Belig, Echo Beach and Pererenan Beach. Grab a free bean bag, $2 coconut and $1.50 barbequed corn on the cob while you soak up the last sun rays for the day.


After all that eating, you’ll need to burn off some serious energy! Check out our Bali Fitness Guide here.


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